Meet Top Five Selected Startups



Meet Top Five Selected Startups

Over the last weeks we were busy with reviewing startup applications we got in the frame of Startup Promo program. It was a tough competition, and our experts did a great job to evaluate all the applications without bias, and now we are delighted to announce top 5 selected startups.

This blog post features these really exciting startups that were selected to participate in Venture Days for free. One company offers unmatched dwelling experience; another is making our indoor navigation easier while other enables effective communication of citizens bypassing jungle of red tape. Chances are high that you will hear of these companies in the nearest future as they are going to shake up their industries. We do believe their success will grow day by day.

But let us not put the cart before the horse, and tell about them in details.

Home Planning – Armenia

Home planning offers professional assistance in styling and designing apartments and house. It helps not only to design the house of your dream, but also tells you where to get the necessary materials to implement your plan.

INS – Austria

Insider navigation is a personal indoor assistant designed to ease the navigation through exhibitions, shopping malls and public areas. It guides you to your destination to the nearest millimeter and makes your journey more exciting providing augmented reality content on the way.

xHealth – Hungary

xHealth is a medical data organizer and patient supporter application designed to record, track and chart blood pressure, blood sugar and weight as well as keep track of your medicines and dietary supplements.

The Intelligent Social Systems – Russia

Guys from Intelligent Social Systems have developed innovative feedback systems for more effective communication of citizens with authorities and commercial systems.

Ecocapsule – Slovakia

Ecocapsule offers unmatched dwelling experience with the spirit of freedom. Portable houses with off-grid life span, worldwide portability and flexibility are ideal for tourist lodge, independent research stations, humanitarian-action unit or an emergency housing.


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