Pitch Deck

Take the Stage to Pitch Your Ideas

Have an awesome project and need money getting off the ground? Do not miss an opportunity to pitch your business to investors at Venture Days Prague 2015. Still on the fence about whether the game is worth the candle? Let us prove you that pitching is the best way to secure funding for your entrepreneurial idea

Get Face-Time with Investors

Where else can you find so many investors looking for awesome investment opportunities? There is no need to make incredible efforts to catch them one by one and ask to take time and let you present the project. They all will be in one place ready to listen to you and fund your business. You will have 10 minutes to excite investors` interest and left them wanting to hear more about you.

Check Viability of Your Ideas

You may think you have the most awesome idea in the world, but that is not necessarily so. You may overestimate the amount of interest the prospects can have in your product. The best way to find out whether your ideas do not make people yawn is to pitch them to industry experts. Your pitch deck can act as a buffer showing the value of your project in the shortest timeframe possible.  

Stand out from Competitors

With so many early stage entrepreneurs assaulting the hyper-competitive IT market and pushing their products, breaking through the noise can be a real challenge. Pitching at Venture Days is an excellent opportunity to stand apart from the crowd and get the right people excited about your business. Get your ten minutes of fame at Venture Days; make yourself and your business memorable!