What Venture Days Offer Startups

What Venture Days Offers Startups

Young entrepreneurs breaking into new market can benefit greatly from participation in Venture Days. We are truly passionate about helping startups grow faster and succeed, thus we offer them extended opportunities to pitch ideas and find the right investor.

Startup Pass

Startup pass entitles you to entry to Venture Days 2015 from September 21-22 as well as access to lunch, coffee breaks and networking events. Early Bird passes are available for those who register earlier, and they allow the same access and opportunities at the event.

Exhibitor Тable

Consider reserving an exhibitor table to increase your visibility at the event. Exhibitor table holders get an access to meeting scheduler and will be able to invite investors to showcase their products/services, pitch ideas and conduct negotiations. 

Pitch Deck

Take the stage to pitch your ideas to investors and get feedback on your product/service from industry experts, mentors and entrepreneurs. You will have 10 minutes to hook the investor and make him invite you to a follow-up meeting to learn more about your business.

Why You Can`t Miss Venture Days

You may accuse us of bias, but we do believe that there are multiple reasons why you should attend Venture Days. Let us list some of them below.

Get face time with investors and industry leaders

Venture capitalists, angel investors, IT industry leaders, speakers and mentors will be available to chat not only during formal meeting sessions, but also over coffee, at lunch and evening networking event. So don`t miss your chance to meet face to face movers and shakers in your industry, raise awareness about your business and get some feedback from experts.

Learn from successful entrepreneurs

Venture Days is not only about raising funds, but also about learning. The event will feature an awesome lineup of speakers, mentors and successful entrepreneurs with a wide range of talents and skills who will share their experience and knowledge. For early stage entrepreneurs it is invaluable experience that will significantly impact the future of their startups.

Make your voice heard, Stand out from the Crowd

Get your 10 minutes of fame! Let the world know about your startup, pitch your game-changing ideas and tell the audience about an awesome product you`ve designed to make our life better. Pitch deck at Venture Days is the best way to do it and get maximum exposure during and after the event. Video of your startup presentation will be featured on the website raising your brand awareness and generating interest for your ideas even when the event is over.

Network with the right type of people

We can`t guarantee that you will get funded the day after Venture Days, but we can promise that you will meet the right type of people that could potentially be valuable for you and your startup. The event will put you in touch with potential partners, investors as well as movers and shakers in IT industry, and actually it depends on you whether you will be able to leave a lasting impression on them and make them contact you after the event. 

Become part of a vibrant startup community

Launching a startup is tough enough, especially when you are doing it alone. So stop stewing in your own juice and join a community of early stage entrepreneurs who are facing the same challenges and experience the same trials as you. Over two days you will meet great people who will definitely help you in your startup journey.

Get inspired, and let your creative juices flow

We do believe you will leave Venture Days full of beans and buzzing with fresh creative energy just because you will definitely meet people who will inspire you and make you realize that everything`s is possible if you put your mind in it. Rome was not built in a day, if you have a dream to change the world, go for it, don`t give up.


Register for Venture Days Prague 2015 today and get the lowest rates for tickets and additional options. The earlier you register the more time you will have to promote brand awareness via our website and drive attention to your startup.